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Town Day Festival -- Nonprofit Application 2017

  1. Type of particpation
  2. IMPORTANT: Due to limited on-site resources, electricity is "only" available to activities that need electricity in order to work properly. If you are an activity in need of electricity, please provide the following information:
  3. I need electricity
  5. Type of performance:
  6. I will need use of a sound system
  7. Iwill need use of a CD player
  8. Important Participation Information: Applications are due on or before April 15 and are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Duplication of activites and food vending is at the sole discretionof event organizers. All participating organizations are provided a 10' x 10' exhibit space on the town green. All participating organizations are responsible for providing their own complete exhibit set-up, which includes a tent (10' x 10' only), tables and chairs. Due to limited on-site resources, the event can only provide electricity for activities that require electricity for porper operation (such as children's assuments, etc.) I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Davidson and Imagine Music Group (event coordinators) as well as their officers, partners, affiliates, contractors, employees and members against any and all claims, actions, liability and expense caused by myself and all parties participating in my group in connection with any losses, expenses, theft, damages to their property and/or person caused by any accident, criminal act, act of God and other occurrence including the loss of life, personal/bodily injury and sickness as a result of participating in the Davidson event known as "Town Day," including any and all occurrences that may arise directly or indirectly from actions, products or services in connection with this application and agreement.
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