Agenda for Davidson Board of Commissioners’
August 27 Meeting Now Available

The Town of Davidson Board of Commissioners will meet on Tuesday, August 27 at 6:00 p.m. for their regularly scheduled meeting in the Davidson Town Hall board room.

Please note, the meeting will be called to order at 5:00 p.m. for the board to meet in closed session and then the regular meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room.
The most recent agenda and associated documents are now available via this link:

The agenda follows:
4th Tuesday Regular Meeting
Town Hall Board Room - 216 S. Main Street
August 27, 2019 6:00 PM 


(a) NCGS §143-318.11(a)(3) - Consult with Attorney - Davidson Acquisition Company, et. al. v. Town of Davidson , et. al.

(a) Proclamation - Recognition of Hoke Lumber


V. PUBLIC COMMENTS - The Board shall provide at least one period for public comment
per month at a regular meeting.

(a) Fiscal Impact Analysis
Economic Development Manager Kim Fleming and TischlerBise
 The Town of Davidson contracted with TischlerBise in 2014 to develop the town’s Cost of Land Use Fiscal Impact Analysis. It is best practice to update this type of study every 5 years and/or when there is a significant change in the municipal cost structure or revenue stream. The 2019 analysis will update the study based on the county-wide revaluation and the addition of fire station no. 2. This study will also help inform the town’s Comprehensive Plan by providing a Fiscal Sustainability Policy Document

VII. CONSENT- Consent items are typically non-controversial and routine items. Prior to the board's adoption of the meeting agenda the request of any member to have an item moved from the consent agenda to old business must be honored by the board. All items on the consent agenda must be voted on and adopted by a single motion.

(a) Consider Approval of Draft July Meeting Minutes
Draft Meeting Minutes from July 9 work session and July 23 regular meeting.

(b) Consider Approval of Recommended Change to Parks & Recreation Department Policies and Procedures
Town of Davidson Parks and Recreation staff recently had conversations with adjoining land owners surrounding town parks and the potential provision of a buffer for park amenities. After researching the issue, staff recommended to the Livability Board mirroring Mecklenburg County’s parks and recreation master plan which calls for a 100 FT. buffer around the perimeter for regional and community parks but has language “100 FT. is desired but not mandated” for neighborhood parks.

The Livability Board discussed this issue at its August 20 meeting and voted unanimously (13-0) to recommend a buffer but remove any language related to a set distance and ad the following language to the Parks and Recreation policies and procedures:

The Parks and Recreation Department shall work collaboratively with neighbors when developing park plans and shall respect adjoining property owner concerns. A buffer is desired but not mandated. The intention of this policy is not to explicitly prohibit park elements within the buffer but to look at each on a case-by-case basis.

(c) Consider Approval of Proposed Changes to Fee Schedule
: The Town of Davidson Police Department, Fire Department, Parks and Recreation Department, Public Works Department, and Affordable Housing Program have identified updates to the fee schedule. 

The proposed fees provide update and clarification to the parks and recreation and public works fees.  The proposed fees provide alignment with actual staff time and resources utilized to the fee charged. Additionally, staff has worked to ensure the fees are in-line with fees charged by other municipalities.
The Police and Fire updates are related to off-duty public safety officer fees. The changes also align the market rate for services and actual cost to provide the service.
The change to the age exemption to the animal license fee aligns the police policy with the fee schedule
The Affordable Housing PIL increase is a 32.81% increase over the current fee, and is the actual percentage increase to real property assessed values in Davidson due to the 2019 Revaluation.

(d) Consider Approval of Budget Amendment 2020-10 for Fire Department purchase of Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)
The Pines at Davidson made a donation of $8,000 in FY2019 to the Town of Davidson Fire Department.  This donation will allow the fire department to purchase additional Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA).  Budget Amendment 2020-10 will appropriate the funds to purchase the equipment from FY2020 Fund Balance. 

(e) Consider Approval of FY2019 Tax Collector's Settlement Statement for Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties
Enters the FY2019 Tax Collector's Settlement Statement for Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties into the official record of the Town of Davidson.

(f) Consider Approval of FY2020 "Order of Collection" for Mecklenburg and Iredell Tax Collectors
The "Order of Collection" authorizes the Tax Collector to collect the ad valorem taxes as assessed by the office of the Tax Assessor.  This item includes both Mecklenburg and Iredell Counties..

(a) Affordable Housing Program Update
Town Attorney/Affordable Housing Manager Cindy Reid 
Summary: As part of an affordable housing strategy, the Affordable Housing Steering Committee recommended creating new and maintaining existing affordable homes.

1) Preservation of older homes:
One of the recommendations was to use $200,000 of payment in lieu monies for a critical repair program. The town partnered with Our Towns Habitat for Humanity for the program.  At the board meeting, Chris Ahearn, CEO of Habitat, will share what we have accomplished.

2) Building new homes:
The Steering Committee also indicated a strong preference for homes being built rather than a payment in lieu.  Attempts to get developers to build homes have been unsuccessful because building “affordable” homes is not what market rate builders do, and the numbers did not work.  However, the Village at South Main developer has requested the board of commissioners to review a proposed model for Village at South Main. 

(b) Consider Approval of Davidson Mobility Plan
Senior Planner Travis Johnson
Summary: The Davidson Mobility Plan is a local comprehensive transportation plan that provides a town-wide vision and coordinated recommendations for multi-modal travel and access within and through town. These include specific project and policy recommendations. The Mobility Plan is a culmination of 18 months of public engagement and feedback. 

(c) Consider Approval of Public Facilities Debt Payment Plan
Assistant Town Manager Karen Whichard
Summary: At the August 13, 2019 meeting, the board discussed the public facilities bond referendum and made final approval to place the issue on the ballot November 5, 2019. As part of this discussion, the board asked staff to bring back information related to the staff funding recommendation for the $14.0 million in general obligation bonds required to renovate the current town hall for public safety purposes and the renovation of the property at 251 South Street as a town community center.

The purpose of this agenda item is to consider which option to share with the community during the information sharing campaign planned for the lead-up to the bond referendum.

The two options for communications purposes are:

A. Inform the community that, through a combination of funds set aside along with the timing of the debt issuance, that the projected property tax equivalent is 2 pennies, or

B. If the Continuum sale proceeds as planned, the town would dedicate the $1.0 million annual contribution for Continuum to public facilities debt service and leave the tax rate flat at $.29 per $100 of assessed valuation.

(d) Consider Approval of Draft Resolution 2019-39 - 251 South Street Steering Committee Phase II Charge
Assistant Town Manager Karen Whichard and Parks and Recreation Director Kathryn Spatz
Summary: This past spring, the board of commissions engaged a group of citizens to provide recommendations for the building at 251 South Street as part of the public facilities project. At that time, the board adopted a scope of work and charge for the citizen-led steering committee, which included a future Phase II site plan conceptual design. Draft Resolution 2019-39 is an updated charge for Phase II, which asks the citizen steering committee to investigate various public service elements that meet community values and goals, including but not limited to affordable housing and parks and recreation amenities appropriate for the site.


LIVE STREAMING: We will live stream the meetings using NovusAgenda and encourage you to watch via this link, if you are unable to attend: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/
You will be able to watch the live video of the meetings and view the PowerPoints simultaneously via NovusAgenda. Click the camera icon to the left of the “08/27/19” meeting title to watch and click the “online agenda” icon to the right of the “08/27/19” meeting title to follow along with the presentations. After meetings are live streamed, they are saved on the agenda for future viewing.
To watch from a mobile device, please use this link: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/AgendaPublic/meetingsresponsive.aspx
All agendas are listed at this link: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/
Agendas for meetings held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month are posted the Friday prior.

All agendas are listed at this link: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/
Agendas for meetings held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month are posted the Friday prior.

For more information, please contact Town Clerk Betsy Shores at bshores@townofdavidson.org or 704-940-9614. Community members requiring reasonable accommodation (such as an interpreter or other auxiliary aids) to access public meetings should contact Town Clerk Betsy Shores prior to the meeting at 704-940-9614 or bshores@townofdavidson.org
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