Important Main Street construction information from Main Street Books:

Work begins Tues or Wed this coming week (10/13 or 10/14) and the sidewalk in front of Main Street Books will be cordoned off with construction fence. The front entrance of Main Street Books will be completely blocked off for 7-10 days while columns are repaired and sidewalk is rebuilt. We will remain open, redirecting to our back door. After the column repair, we will be able to open our front entrance, but they may begin facade repair with scaffolding, a pedestrian tunnel down the sidewalk, and a perpendicular tunnel leading to our door. There was talk of a dumpster in the parking spot in front of our store. There is some chance that the repairs to the upper level (involving the scaffolding and tunnel) will be delayed until after New Year's, but I'm not sure when they'll decide the timing of that.

Also, a reminder that the next Christmas in Davidson meeting is this Tuesday, October 13 at 9:00 a.m. in the Town Hall board room.

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