Agenda for Davidson Board of Commissioners’
July 10 Meeting Now Available

The Town of Davidson Board of Commissioners will meet on Tuesday, July 10 in the Davidson Town Hall board room at 6:00 p.m. for their regularly scheduled meeting.
The most recent agenda and associated documents are now available via this link:

The agenda follows:
216 South Main Street
July 10, 2018

4:30 p.m. - Closed Session - NCGS 143-318.11. (a) (5) - 251 South Street and NCGS 143-318.11. (a) (6) - Personnel     
I.          6:00 p.m. - CALL TO ORDER 



- The Davidson Board of Commissioners shall provide at least one period for public comment per month at a regular meeting.
V.         PUBLIC HEARING   
(a)        Public Hearing - Proposed Annexation of Kenmare Subdivision   
VI.       CONSENT - Consent items are non-controversial and routine items. Prior to the board's adoption of the meeting agenda the request of any member to have an item moved from the consent agenda to old business must be honored by the board. All items on the consent agenda must be voted on and adopted by a single motion.    
(a)        Consider Approval of Draft June Meeting Minutes
Summary: Draft meeting minutes from June 5, June 12  
(b)        Consider Approval of Budget Amendments, Finance Director Pieter Swart

Summary: BA2019-02 The FY2019 general fund budget ordinance allocates $40,200 to the Arts Project Fund.  This budget amendment recognizes the revenue and allows for the expenditure of the funds within the Arts Project Fund.
BA2019-03  The Mecklenburg County HOME program has allocated $31,689 for down-payment assistance for Affordable Housing.  This budget amendment recognizes the revenue and allows for the expenditure of the funds in the Affordable Housing Fund.
BA2019-05  This budget amendment allocates $35,000 of Fund Balance from the Affordable Housing Fund to provide five (5) future homeowners with down payment assistance in the amount of $7,000 each.
(c) Consider Tax Levy Adjustments, Finance Director, Pieter Swart
Summary: The town received refunds to be issued from the Solid Waste Fund totaling $2,412 on 4 parcels (As approved by the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners (BOCC)). These refunds will be issued directly by the Town.  Details regarding these refund requests are available in the Finance Office.

VII.      OLD BUSINESS - Items for old business typically have been previously presented and are for discussion and possible action. 

(a) Discussion of Public Facilities Project, Assistant Town Manager Dawn Blobaum & Finance Director Pieter Swart
Summary: Town staff will review the status of the Public Facilities Project including alternative cost estimates and financial impact.

(b)        Consider Introduction of Bond Order and Set Date for Public Hearing, Finance Director Piet Swart
Summary: The G.O. Bond Order will be introduced. The Board will consider Resolution 2018-19 of the Town of Davidson, North Carolina regarding a bond order authorizing the issuance of $16,335,000 General Obligation Public Facilities Bonds of the Town of Davidson, North Carolina, setting a public hearing thereon and directing publication of notice of said public hearing.  
(c)        Discussion Proposed Watershed Ordinance Text Amendments, Planning Board
Summary: The Town of Davidson has been considering changes to the Davidson Planning Ordinance (DPO) 17 - Watershed Protection Overlay District for several months.  At the last Planning Board Meeting, the Planning Board voted 9-0 to meet individually with the Town Board to educate and inform Board Members about the Watershed Ordinance.  Then meet at the at the July Town Board Meeting to propose passing all parts of the Watershed except 17.6.1 and 17.6.2 which would be brought back at a later date. This item is for discussion purposes only.

(d)        Comprehensive Plan Update, Town Manager Jamie Justice
Summary: An update will be provided regarding the town's comprehensive plan request for proposals (RFP) process and discussion of next steps.

(e)        Discussion and Consider Approval of Pedestrian Safety Flashing Beacons Project, Public Works Director Doug Wright
Summary: Public Works has evaluated additional pedestrian crossings in town to receive similar flashing beacons that the town has installed in other locations. These flashing beacons are activated by pedestrians that want to enter the crosswalk and it provides the yellow flashing signals for vehicles to yield to the

 (f)       Consider Approval of Ordinance 2018-02 to Extend the Corporate Limits of the Town of Davidson to include Kenmare Subdivision, Town Manager Jamie Justice

(a)        Discussion of Receipt of State Grants, Town Manager Jamie Justice
Summary: During the last Legislature Session, the NC General Assembly approved three (3) grants for projects in the Town of Davidson. 
1st Grant of $100,000 for Grant for Downtown Park/Farmers Market Area Site Improvements
https://webservices.ncleg.net/ViewBillDocument/2017/6473/2/H-NBC-2362 - Page 246
2nd Grant of $100,000 for Police Equipment
3rd Grant of $100,000 for Fire Equipment
https://www4.ncleg.net/sessions/2017/bills/senate/pdf/s335v4.pdf. Page 18

(b)        Consider Approval of Amended Town Manager's Contract
Summary: Each year the Board of Commissioners reviews the Town Manager's Employment Contract and considers amendments upon renewal. The only amendment to the agreement will be a salary increase of 3.5% to his base salary effective July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019.     
IX.       SUMMARIZE MEETING ACTION ITEMS - Town Manager will summarize items where the board has requested action items for staff. 
X.         ADJOURN
For more information on all agenda items above, please review the summaries and documents for the July 10 meeting here: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/MeetingView.aspx?MeetingID=645&MinutesMeetingID=400&doctype=Agenda

LIVE STREAMING: We will live stream the meetings using NovusAgenda and encourage you to watch via this link, if you are unable to attend: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/
You will be able to watch the live video of the meetings and view the PowerPoints simultaneously via NovusAgenda. Click the camera icon to the left of the “6/12/18” meeting title to watch and click the “online agenda” icon to the right of the “6/12/18” meeting title to follow along with the presentations. After meetings are live streamed, they are saved on the agenda for future viewing.
To watch from a mobile device, please use this link: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/AgendaPublic/meetingsresponsive.aspx
All agendas are listed at this link: https://davidson.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/
Agendas for meetings held on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month are posted the Friday prior.
For more information, please contact Town Clerk Betsy Shores at bshores@townofdavidson.org or 704-940-9614. Citizens requiring reasonable accommodation (such as an interpreter or other auxiliary aids) to access public meetings should contact Town Clerk Betsy Shores prior to the meeting at 704-940-9614 or bshores@townofdavidson.org

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