Agenda for Davidson Board of Commissioners’
January 14, 2020 Meeting

The Town of Davidson Board of Commissioners will meet on Tuesday, January 14 at 6:00 p.m. for their regularly scheduled meeting in the Davidson Town Hall board room.
The most recent agenda and associated documents are now available via this link:

The agenda follows:
Town Hall Board Room - 216 S. Main Street
January 14, 2020 6:00 PM 


     a. Proclamation – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Items for discussion are typically when the board will engage on a topic and no vote is planned.

(a)  Continuum Sale Status Report
Jamie Justice, Town Manager
Summary: On December 31, 2019, the sale of Continuum to TDS Broadband, LLC
closed per the terms and conditions of the asset purchase agreement. Continuum,
formerly known as MI-Connection, was the broadband/cable company co-owned by the towns of Mooresville and Davidson. The dispositions of Continuum was a strategic
plan priority identified by the town board.

TDS Broadband was selected after a competitive and comprehensive sale process. The
towns and TDS agreed on an asset purchase agreement in August 2019 that sets out the
terms and conditions of the sale. Extensive efforts were made by our staff and partners
to administer the details to get to the closing on December 31st.

Since the closing, we have been working with the Town of Mooresville and our attorneys to reconcile all the items related to the sale and those efforts will continue. The town manager will provide a status report to date.

(b) Consider Adoption of a Resolution to Approve the Design and Construction
Manager at Risk Contracts for the Public Facilities Project
Karen Whichard, Assistant Town Manager
After voter approval of the Public Facilities general obligation bond referendum in November, the next step is for the town board to consider and approve professional service agreements with Creech & Associates and Edifice, Inc.

At the meeting, staff will brief the board on the process, the overall project schedule, and the scope of the contracts for consideration and approval.

Agenda Memo - Consider Adoption of a Resolution to Approve the Design and Construction Manager at Risk Contracts for the Public Facilities Project
DRAFT R2020-01 Approving Contracts with Creech and Associates PLLC and Edifice Inc
Presentation - Consider Adoption of a Resolution to Approve the Design and Construction Manager at Risk Contracts for the Public Facilities Project 01.14.20

(c) CFA Church Conditional Planning Area: Pre-Development Consultation
Jason Burdette, Planning Director

Summary: The applicant proposes a Conditional Planning Area Map Amendment for +/- 3.71 acres currently zoned Village Commerce Planning Area. The proposal seeks the conditional approval of a religious institution on said parcel. The purpose of tonight’s discussion is to determine if the board of commissioners would like to see this proposed conditional rezoning move through the formal Conditional Planning Area Map Amendment (i.e. rezoning) process.

The board of commissioners is asked to provide direction on the proposed rezoning to the Conditional Planning Area.

Staff Analysis Memo

CFA Pre-Dev Consultation

CFA Churchproposal.pdf

CFA Church - Site Plan.pdf

(d) Consider Adoption of the Davidson Comprehensive Plan
Trey Akers, Senior Planner and Jason Burdette, Planning Director

Summary:  The Town of Davidson launched the What’s Next Davidson? process in the fall of 2018 to update the town’s comprehensive plan. The comprehensive plan is the leading policy document and tool to help communities create a vision and guiding principles for decision-making for their town, directly informing decisions that we make as a community.

Senior Planner Trey Akers will provide an overview of the extensive public engagement process and the resulting comprehensive plan content. Additionally, representatives from the Livability Board (Dave Cable) and Planning Board (Kelly Ross) will share their respective groups' recommendations with commissioners.

The board is asked to consider approval of the Davidson Comprehensive Plan. 

Agenda Memo - Comprehensive Plan Adoption 01.14.2020

Presentation - Adoption of the Comp Plan 01.14.2020

(e) Consider Approval of Davidson Cottages Water Extension Request with conditions  
Jamie Justice, Town Manager

Summary: At the December 3 meeting, the board received a request from Saussy Burbank for water extensions to Davidson Cottages, located in Davidson Commons East Lot 4D, for the construction of 30 single-family lots and two duplexes (34 units total).

The board is asked to consider approval of the request with the condition that it is limited to the proposed project.

Agenda Memo – Davidson Cottages Water Extension 01.14.2020

Attachment – Charlotte Water Determination Form

Attachment – Davidson Cottages Vicinity Map

Attachment – Existing Lines Map

(e) Discuss proposed request for purchase of town owned lot on Armour Street,
Parcel ID 00327602
Jamie Justice, Town Manager
Magnolia Homes, Inc (Purchaser) has expressed an interest in purchasing a town owned lot on Armour Street, Parcel ID 00327602, contingent upon the following conditions:

1) A short option period for conducting:

(a) Phase I environmental with results satisfactory to the Purchaser.

(b) Soil testing with results satisfactory to the Purchaser.

2) An approved Davidson residential housing plan satisfactory to the Purchaser.

3) Should the town desire to conduct an appraisal of the property, the Purchaser is willing to reimburse the town for the cost of the appraisal at closing, subject to conditions 1 & 2 having been completed with results satisfactory to Purchaser. However, in an upset bid situation, the Purchaser would not agree to the expenditures for appraisal reimbursement nor would they begin testing and site plan review until the property was under contract with Purchaser.

Staff is not aware of any previous town commitment of use for this parcel and there are no deed restrictions. This item is for discussion only.

Agenda Memo – Armour Street Lot 01.14.2020

Attachment – Polaris 3G Map of Armour Street Parcel 00327602

(g) Miscellaneous/Open Discussion
This is an opportunity for commissioners to present or discuss any topics not previously listed on the agenda.

V. SUMMARIZE MEETING ACTION ITEMS - Town Manager will summarize items where the board has requested action items for staff.


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