Snow Removal

The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is responsible for state roads: Highway 115 (Main Street) and Davidson-Concord Road. They will plow and salt these roads.

The Town of Davidson is responsible for all other roads (view a map (PDF)). We plow and salt many of our main streets (it's hard for us to service side roads and cul-de-sacs) so that everyone is able to get to a main artery in their vehicle if they must get out. Unfortunately, we are not able to plow the ends of driveways (we only plow public streets, not private property) -- we attempt to push snow away from driveways when we can. We are not able to plow private roads in new development until the town officially assumes maintenance. We encourage non-vehicular methods of transportation until the roads are clear. We appreciate your patience as our public works employees make their rounds.

If you have an emergency, please dial 911.