Parks and Recreation Master Plan and Guiding Documents

The latest master plan was adopted on November 11, 2014.

About The Plan
This assessment describes the planning process and progress to date. In addition, it presents the following:

The goals of the plan as determined with input from the community;
A summary of data gathered through research, stakeholder interviews, public meetings, community survey, field observations and a review of available relevant information (i.e., GIS data, adopted plans, and other relevant policy documents);
A community profile, which summarizes demographic information about the community;
Nationally accepted service standards that provide guidance in local investment decisions;
An inventory and assessment of the existing facilities and programs in and around Davidson.

The results of the assessment inform this Parks and Recreation Master Plan and supporting recommendations for implementation.

in 2013, the Davidson Walks and Rolls Active Transportation Master Plan was created to ensure the Town of Davidson is a livable community with the necessary walking and bicycling infrastructure, culture, and programs to achieve this vision.