East Rocky River Master Plan

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Overview:  On October 16, 2020 the Town of Davidson received a complete Master Plan application. The project is currently under review by Mecklenburg County and Town of Davidson staff. The process will follow Section 14.6 of the Davidson Planning Ordinance. For more information see below and the Timeline/Document tabs.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Rural
  • Project Location: 15016 East Rocky River Rd.
  • Parcel IDs: 00725107 
  • Acres: + 5.507
  • Project Description:  The proposal includes six units of single-family detached homes fronting a shared open space. The parcel lies in the Rural Planning Area, intends to provide 70% open space on-site or adjacent to the site, and requires water/sewer extension approval by the Davidson Board of Commissioners.
  • Developer: Andy Wilfong