Davidson Farms (Kistler Farm Rd.)

Project Status

Construction Documents Under Review


May 2020:  The project team submitted Construction Documents for review by Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County staff. 

April 2020:  Town of Davidson approved the master plan on April 21, 2020. 

March 2020: In late March the project team submitted a revised master plan reflecting November’s Public Input Session (PIS) comments, ordinance requirements, and Planning Board comments offered at their February 24, 2020 meeting. This updated plan, along with the PIS Report, can be viewed under the Documents tab (see below). The project is following the Master Plan process detailed in Davidson Planning Ordinance section 14.6.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Rural Planning Area
  • Project Address:  East Rocky River Rd. (Unaddressed) and 19525 Kistler Farm Rd., Davidson, NC 28036
  • Parcel ID:  00725116 and 00725120 
  • Acres: 30.391
  • Building Type: Single-Family Detached Home
  • Development Description: The master plan envisions 15 single-family detached home lots fronting existing and new interconnected streets as well as open spaces. The plan encompasses the parcel at the northeast corner of Kistler Farm Rd. and East Rocky River Rd. and the parcel at the far eastern end of East Rocky River Rd. 
  • Developer: Diamondback Development, LLC