Narrow Passage

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Project Status

Under Review:  Conditional Master Plan Amendment (Land Area Addition)

Recent Updates

  • Land Area Addition Proposed:  On August 30, 2017 the developer of Narrow Passage submitted an application and plans to add additional land area totaling 1.08 acres to the previously-approved Narrow Passage development. The land included as part of the amendment (PID #00309241) is located along the southeastern boundary of Parcel ID #00309201 and can be viewed on Mecklenburg County's Polaris 3G maps or in the submitted documents. The application also included a request to modify two conditions and add another condition:  To lower the payment-in-lieu amount related to the greenway bridge on the development's southern parcel; to increase in the number of non-conforming garages allowed within the development; and, to increase the number of construction signs allowed from one to two (allowing one sign each on East Rocky River Rd. and Shearer Road). The proposed plans do not alter the development layout or number of lots previously approved. Further information is available on the Timeline and Documents tabs.
  • Sewer Amendment Approved:  On September 13, 2016 the Board of Commissioners reviewed, discussed, and approved the proposed extension and conditions as described in the Staff Analysis above. 
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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Conditional
  • Project Address: 19615 Shearer Road; 15201 East Rocky River Road; 15210 East Rocky River  
  • Parcel IDs: 003092140030920100725101
  • Acres: 59.29 
  • Development Description: 40 units proposed; 37.9 acres (64.17%) open space proposed
  • Owner: Narrow Passage Holdings, Inc.
  • Developer: Karl Plattner