Hiring Off-Duty Officers

The Davidson Police Department authorizes its police officers to provide law enforcement related services to the public in exchange for a fee paid by the employer.  This includes services such as traffic direction and business security. Sergeant Joseph "Scott" Russell coordinates Off-Duty Employment and the Detail Kommander application is used to manage events and to process all payments.

Fee Schedule

***3 hour minimum per each Officer required***

  • $42.00 per hour for each Police Officer
  • $50.00 per hour for each Supervisor
  • $10.00 per hour for vehicle if needed

Off-Duty details require electronic payment through the Detail Kommander system via credit card or ACH bank account.  A payment method must be on file before a detail can be scheduled.  The payment method on file is invoiced after the detail is completed.  A 7% service fee is applied to each credit/debit card transaction.  A 6% service fee is applied to ACH transactions. 

The Off-Duty Employment Application will provide the necessary information for hiring an off-duty officer.  The person acknowledging the agreement will check the box at the end of each section indicating that they understand and agree to the terms of the agreement.  Make sure the application section of the agreement is complete and thorough to avoid delays in processing your request.  You may also email additional documentation to jrussell@townofdavidson.org that may pertain to your request, such as; ABC permits, maps, plans, etc. Make sure you put the employer name at the top of each page.