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Please download our mobile app on your mobile device. Here's how:

For Apple devices:CivicMobile image

Go to the App Store and search for "CivicMobile" (NOT "CivicMobile Preview" or "CivicMobile Demo"

Select "Get"

Type "Davidson, NC" into the "Search" bar and click the square with the arrow to the right of the bar

Select "Please do not show this again" and click "cancel"

For Android devices:Android TOD logoGo to Google Play and search for "Town of Davidson"

Click "Install"

Select "Please do not show this again" and click "cancel"

This app offers another way for citizens to engage with the Town of Davidson. It contains 17 linked icons:

Alert CenterWhat's Happening? (Calendar)
Town News Center
Watch MeetingsStay
Staff Directory
Parking Map
A Day in Davidson
Search WebsiteParks & Trails
Get eCrier
Greenway map
Get CharMeck Alerts

SeeClickFix is a module that enables citizens to log communications with the town regarding public services. It collects requests, distributes them to staff, allows staff to enter them into a work flow queue, and communicates the status of the requests back to citizens in a centralized way.

It also handles requests for code enforcement, public works, police, and fire departments. Citizens can snap a photo of a problem, the system automatically pins a location on a map (or the user can drag a pin on the map), and submits a report to the appropriate town staff member.

It enables staff to manage requests from anywhere. Requests are logged into a queue, and staff can respond to the issues based on location and urgency.

Overall benefits:

  • Streamlines channels of requests
  • Increases responsiveness to citizens
  • Enables citizens to see progress and timeline for resolution
  • Improves record-keeping, internal communications, and allows us to track trends

SeeClickFix is accessible via the app and also on a desktop computer via this link: