Grey Rd Sidewalk

Grey Road Sidewalk

Project Status: 

  • We have re-designed the project to reduce the cost of the storm water portion. The new engineer’s estimate for the project is $485,000. The re-design requires that we acquire more property from some owners, which is in process. The Right-of-Way process is ongoing.  

Page Updated: 8/20/2020

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Project Info

  • Project Name: Grey Road Sidewalk
  • Cost: $485,000
  • Funding Source:  Town of Davidson
  • Funding Status: Awarded
  • Management Agency: Town of Davidson
  • Project Description: Sidewalk on east side of Grey Road Between Concord Road and Wolfe Street
  • Current Status: Property acquisition by the end of May, and bid the project out in mid-May. 

*Costs and the project schedules are subject to change due to uncertain conditions