Davidson Commons East Lots 4AB - Hotel


  • Developer:  Nish Patel, Beacon IMG, Inc.
  • Owner:  Davidson Commons East Condominium Associates
  • Attorney:  Susan K. Irvin
  • Site Designer:  Geoscience Group, Inc.
  • Architect:  The Lawrence Group 
  • Location:  127 Davidson Gateway Drive (Parcel ID# 00323190); 151 Davidson Gateway Drive (Parcel ID# 00323191)
  • Area:  2.107 acres
  • Proposed Use(s):  Hotel & Commercial Uses

Documents - Conditional Plan Amendment (Hotel) Proposed August, 2016

Preliminary Sketch Plan (Site Plan)
Environmental Inventory (Existing Conditions)
Preliminary Staff Analysis:  The purpose of the Preliminary Staff Analysis is to assess the initial concept plan against existing standards, provide the public and decision-makers with the known facts, and offer direction on which topics should be further explored as the site design evolves. 
Public Input Session Report: This report was prepared by the applicant and submitted to the Town on October 26, 2016. 
Draft Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA)
Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) - Accepted

Recent Updates

Application Submitted:  On August 24, 2016 the developer submitted a proposal to amend the approved Conditional Planning Area to allow a hotel and commercial uses. The existing, approved plan permits the construction of two mixed-use buildings. 

Tentative Schedule (Subject to Change) 

A public input session was held on October 3, 2016 from 4:00 – 7:00 P.M. at Davidson Town Hall, 216 South Main Street, Davidson, North Carolina. The next step is to undertake a Transportation Impact Analysis, which is currently underway; the targeted time frame for final draft completion in late January/early February 2017. For more information on the purpose of the TIA as well as background information related to the proposal, please see the Preliminary Staff Analysis posted in the Documents section above. 

Below is a tentative schedule for the proposed project, including a list of public meetings:


▪ October:  Public Input Session (Community Introduction to Proposal)
▪ November:  Transportation Impact Analysis Begun


▪ January - February:  Transportation Impact Analysis Completed - Draft Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA)
▪ May (Tentative):  Joint Work Session (Board of Commissioners & Planning Board)
▪ June (Tentative):  Board of Commissioners Work Session
▪ July (Tentative):  Board of Commissioners Public Hearing, Planning Board Recommendation
▪ August (Tentative):  Board of Commissioners Action Finalized

Contact Info


Nish Patel, Beacon IMG, Inc.

Trey Akers
Project Manager
Town of Davidson, NC